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25 dkg finomliszt, 25 dkg süteményliszt, 4 dkg élesztő, 3-4 dl. langyos tej, 3 ek. porcukor, 1 mk. só, 2 ek. olaj.

Kb. 1 dl. tejben felfuttatjuk az élesztőt és a többi hozzávalóval kelt tészttát dagasztunk. Mikor jól ki lett dolgozva, meglisztezzük a tetejét és letakarva, meleg helyen kétszeresére kelesztjük. Ezután lisztezett lapra borítjuk a tésztát, újjnyi vastagra kinyújtjuk, pogácsaszaggatóval köröket szaggatunk ki belőle. minden köröcskére teszünk egy diónyi nagyságú sütéssálló lekvárt, gombóccá pödörjük, majd vajazva az oldalát szépen lerakosgatjuk őket egy kerek kapcsos tortaformába. Mikor megtelt a forma, letakarjuk a buktasereket és kb. 20 percet pihentetjük. Ezután tojássárgájával lekenjük, majd forró sütőbe tolva, pirosra sütjük kb. 35-40 perc alatt.



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Exercising during pregnancy will not only improve your well being but also a person to to have a highly comfortable, easy pregnancy and delivery. The actual world early stages of pregnancy it is much easier to exercise since may have more energy and less additional weight compliment. Exercising in early pregnancy will help you maintain an acceptable weight and allow easier for you stay in shape overall. The goal is to do light easy exercises that will not raise your core body temperature extreme amount.

Exercise and being active are vital that a pregnancy easy birth and recovery. There are thousands of benefits to exercising, for instance the reduced potential for miscarriage, a shorter time in labor, and the wherewithall to lose weight after the actual is created.

If you are home utilizing baby then do rest while the infant naps. Neglect the laundry or cleaning fo the time being and sleep instead. Just a few ingredients sleep to heal program as well as maintain your energy and awareness, so sleep whenever you can. At night, become go to bed after the baby is asleep so you will also get some hours of sleep before the nighttime feedings begin. The television, computer or texting friends can wait; you'll want to refresh your own and mind with really sleep and often manage.
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Take a swim during pregnancy. Sometimes you might not to be able to put on a swimsuit a later a part of your pregnancy, but verified . from swimming make it worthwhile. One's body will feel weightless during times of water, naturally sensation is wonderfully productive for reducing joint pains and stress. Not only that, it is super way to get something in.

Private time is a precious commodity for new moms. To shed pregnancy weight, you'll desire to make time within your busy agenda for grocery shopping and exercise. That's where friends and family appear in.
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There's children inside program now, so you've to be extra-conscious of one's food eating. Follow a healthy and balanced weight loss. Eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, protein and press. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables and items in your meal and also be away from sugar and caffeine.

Make time ti drop what you are doing and take youngster on a stroll and surrender to planet through their eyes. I promise you, you are not the sorry. View your world as though you were discovering it for one time, with awe and excitement. Are going to see it in it's beauty. An individual also will forever keep in mind this moment of love of his life shared!
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